ESCUTCHEON for organ

by Blake Hargreaves

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This is a collection of recordings made during my three weeks of study of pipe organ improvisation in Hungary. I put this album together as an exclusive gift promised to supporters of my crowdfunding campaign, and I'm offering it for free streaming to all through bandcamp.

1- An improvisation on flutes at the Matthias Church at Buda Castle.

2- An improvisation on reed stops at the Fasor church where I rehearsed in Budapest.

3- An improvisation during my final lesson, on flute stops, at the church at Bosnia Square, Budapest.

4- An edit of a lesson on how to play a Scherzo, at Subotica Cathedral, Serbia.

5- My first 'Heartbeat' improvisation, inspired by rhythmic figures in Hindemith's first Piano Sonata, second movement, and by the structure and concept of Jean Langlais' Poem of Life. Performed at The Votive Church of Szeged in Southwestern Hungary. The organ contains four divisions around the church, including an Echo division of pipes located in the cupola of the dome. This division can be heard at 1:40-1:50, and in the final phrase of the improvisation.

6- The 'Heartbeat' improvisation played at the Basilica at Esztergom, the largest building in Hungary, with a 9 second reverberation time.

My thanks again to my supporters who made this possible, and to my professor, Pálùr János, and to the organists at these churches who welcomed us.

Recorded using a Zoom H5 recorder with AKG pencil microphones. Mastered with LANDR mastering software.

The cover photo was taken by Dora Nedeczky


released June 6, 2016


tags: world Canada


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